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Midway Drive-In Theatre

The Midway Drive-in is a single screen drive-in theatre located in Mifflintown, PA.  The Midway has one screen with two back to back features playing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings beginning in mid-May through Labor Day in September.  The This theatre has been in operation since 1952 and has the capacity for 500 cars.  


Bringing Friends, Families and Loved Ones Together

Drive-in theaters are rooted in its reputation of being a family-friendly place. Parents are able to bring their children to watch movies, often in pajamas, without worrying about interrupting other movie-goers and are also able to spend time together without paying the expenses of babysitters.  Half the fun is spending time with family and friends while waiting to enjoy the two featured films for the price of one.  In addition, young couples make the drive-in a popular spot for dates!  It is no wonder the drive-in movie theater has been operating since 1952!

House Etiquette

  • Drive slow & dim your headlights when entering.

  • Throw trash in garbage or take with you. 

  • Tall vehicles (trucks & vans) park in back.

  • Lights off/foot off brake pedal when parked. 

  • Visit the snack bar often to support your drive-in!

  • Enjoy the outdoors. 

  • If you have a good experience, let the staff know and tell your friends.

  • Attend as often as you can!

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